Thursday, 18 December 2014

Winter Style Wearing cloth For Indian Whether

Let’s be honest: From  India my style  Getting dressed in the dead of winter is no easy feat when the aim is to stay warm and look cool. Yet we often click through our favorite style blogs only to realize that it is possible, as evidenced by the scores of stylish ladies who manage to appear seasonally appropriate and chic on a daily basis.
Since getting stumped when it come to building the perfect winter outfit often has less to do with not having the right items, and more to do with knowing how to put them together, we decided to go straight to the source and ask 18 top bloggers to each provide a go-to styling tip that they’ve found boosts their cold-weather style.
From adding a strategic belt to your winter coat, to doubling up on hats (seriously, it looks beyond cool), we guarantee you’ll pick up a few new clever examples of how to put pieces together and create outfits that are both impactful and stylish this winter.
Read on to get the scoop on these bloggers’ top styling tips—and some major outfit inspiration!

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