Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Womens Ethnic Wear

The fact that everyone is aware of, “The ladies always want to keep their wardrobes full of clothes- in trend of course and which catch everyone’s eyes very easily”. If you have the same dream for you or for anyone you wish to, you are on the right place. Yes, we have got the collection of In Trend  KURTIS & DUPATTAS from ERATO to which any lady would love to wear and of course in an affordable price. 

Please have a look
We wish our collection makes you feel confident, suits you personality and win the hearts of many more consumers.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Flat 68%

On the Occassion of 68th Independence day get 68% off on every product.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kitchen Appliances


The Road to a Health Runs through the Kitchen. Yes, dear customer in order to make your health, your kitchen should be at its healthiest and your kitchen is healthy when it have good cook wares. We have brought the utensils only for your Kitchen from SAPPHIRE include Kitchen appliances that have the best Quality as well as best Pricing. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Indiamystyle provides a variety of Garments : Ethnic Wear, Focus on Handloom Garments; Men, Women & kids wear; best Indian ethnic style wear; shaping Indian styles; Hand made garments, diversity of Indian Style in one market place. The colours that we select to wear speak a lot about our personalities. the colour green can encourage growth, the colour blue can stimulate communication and the colour yellow can make us feel strong, bright and cheery. Fill your life with the bright colours this time with the different garments of ERATO to give you the real comfort your body wants from your clothing and stay happy.

Kids are never satisfied with their clothes. So just go on and shop for the best style that suits your kid.

We give you a collection of different clothing styles for men from ERATO. Men always wan’t to wear clothes that suit their style as well as make them feel proud of themselves. So, don’t worry and go for our collections only for you.
1. Kurtas, Pyjamas, Sherwanies
2. Shirts
3. T-Shirts

The fact that everyone is aware of, “The ladies always want to keep their wardrobes full of clothes- in trend ofcourse and which catch everyone’s eyes very easily”. If you have the same dream for you or for anyone you wish to, you are on the right place. Yes, we have got the collection of In Trend  KURTIES & DUPATTAS fro ERATO to which any lady would love to wear and of course in an affordable price. Please have a look:

We wish our collection makes you feel confident, suits you personality and win the hearts of many more consumers.

Friday, 8 August 2014 has a unique place in the Apparel world. Contained by no boundaries, it is as equally comfortable with delicate traditional designs, as it is with its modern interpretations. Criss- crossing old with new is integral to Erato Â’s design strength. Fusing all and every design influence seamlessly into one item gives Erato its uniqueness. Everything internal and external is inspiration.

Health related Products

Health Product are also available Now

As we start looking towards the health related products, number of questions start surrounding our mind like whether the medicine we are going to take will really help you or not ? If it will give any side effects ? So, our dear customers do not worry about all these questions because we have brought the best health products from a brand named SAMI- World leader in health products.
We, Indiamystyle provide you the solutions of your different health related problems at one single platform.

The different products include:

1. COQ ENERGIZER - an effective energy supplement that boost your energy.

2. BIOPROTECTANT - an antioxidant health supplement that protects cells.


4. FAIRNESS CREAM - with multiple UV benefits, is a light non- greasy cream, with a unique blossom.

5. GLYCACARE - Blood Sugar Balance GlycaCare™ is a unique composition containing herbal extracts.

6. IGG PLUS - The pre milk substance produced by most mammalian mothers immediately after the birth of their babies.

7. LEANGARD - A supplement that manages your weight.

We will a very good health to all our customers!!!