Thursday, 18 December 2014

Winter Style Wearing cloth For Indian Whether

Let’s be honest: From  India my style  Getting dressed in the dead of winter is no easy feat when the aim is to stay warm and look cool. Yet we often click through our favorite style blogs only to realize that it is possible, as evidenced by the scores of stylish ladies who manage to appear seasonally appropriate and chic on a daily basis.
Since getting stumped when it come to building the perfect winter outfit often has less to do with not having the right items, and more to do with knowing how to put them together, we decided to go straight to the source and ask 18 top bloggers to each provide a go-to styling tip that they’ve found boosts their cold-weather style.
From adding a strategic belt to your winter coat, to doubling up on hats (seriously, it looks beyond cool), we guarantee you’ll pick up a few new clever examples of how to put pieces together and create outfits that are both impactful and stylish this winter.
Read on to get the scoop on these bloggers’ top styling tips—and some major outfit inspiration!

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Dress for the Office Holiday Party or Official Fest

You wanna let your personal style shine. You wanna enjoy your limited sartorial freedom. You wanna celebrate the season! For many of us, the office holiday party is the one time of year where our coworkers see us outside the norm—outside a uniform, a suit, or any of our other fashion restrictions. Toeing the line between showing off your personal style and remaining appropriate for a work fete can take a little investigative work and savvy navigation.
Asking veterans can be a great place to begin your ensemble search, but like anything work related, we’d suggest you err on the side of caution. The notorious no-brainers include minding your hem and necklines, as well as avoiding anything that requires tape, petals or backless bras—save it for New Years.
Who says a mini is the only path to glamour? Drop the length to the floor and go for a maxi to glide through the cocktail hour with unexpected grace. We love the idea of kimono and sleeved styles to help ward off winter’s chill.

If you’ve never visited (or heard of) Indiamystyle you might at this moment be questioning TBF’s standards for style and social decorum. The name, admittedly, is at first glance a bit off-putting, or at least a little naughty. But once you’ve arrived, you’ll see that Nasty Gal isn’t about , well, bein nah-stay, but being fah-bulous. And fierce. And just a little bit cheeky. We’re in.

 features edgy-but-decidedly-wearable garments at prices that range from fairly affordable to on-the-verge-of-splurge. The site design is clean, current and easy to navigate, but as every budget fashionista knows, getting blinded by pretty look-books and clever descriptions can lead directly to reckless spending, and that’s always a fashion don’t. So to help ensure that those new to Nasty Gal are ready to shop responsibly (it’s our life work), we’ve compiled some tips to make the most of your Nasty Gal experience.

Friday, 7 November 2014

The Fashion Trend : Sari Special

Like any classic vintage piece, a saree never goes out of style. The effect is not only red carpet worthy but very alluring too. Be it Cannes or IIFA, movie premieres or glitzy weddings, Indian women drape elegance like no one can.

From Brasso Net & chiffon, hand-loom fabrics, Velvet and Viscose Jacquard, and electric neon prints, these are the most inspirational styles.

Indian weddings are combination of extravagance celebrations, happiness & a lifetime display.Add to this a social status & socialization.A big occasion has to be accomplished with self presentation with compel dressing sense. We will talk about Indian woman dressing in wedding: Designer Saree For Wedding Rich & colorful look is what the matter most. Mostly Red Color and its shades (magenta,Red-violet,Cream Yellow and Chestnut Red ,Robin-egg Blue color) are treated as auspicious for such a grand occasion. Indian woman look very graceful in such a saree drape.

Cream Yellow and Chestnut Red  embroidered party lehenga style saree

In the past Indian weddings used to a be a one month long function with pre & post wedding functions. Now a days thing has been shortened and maximum a 3-4 days for celebrations are carried out.

The Wedding Mehendi Ceremony: This is the one of the most important function where both bride & groom applies mehendi, followed by the dance,songs & music. A special saree for this occassion is a must.
Brink Pink and Persian-indigo Violet embroidered party lehenga style saree

Followed by mehendi there comes Geet & Sangeet (Music & Dance) Function. Saree for such musical function has to be a perfect designer saree, mostly Net and Velvet Wedding Sarees are in trends for such parties.The Saree for reception & final wedding ceremony is what a Indian woman needs with perfection to look more graceful on the day. A Dark/Light Color Saree Or Red Color Saree can be very scintillating.
Wedding Saree

Thats all to summarize with ” Designer Sarees For Wedding “, you can find the latest colection of wedding sarees at our online store, We have been specialist in bringing the latest trends in indian Designer Sarees with designs & trends changing in every seasons.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


                         Fashion is a way of your life and style is a part of you.

Ethnic wear has always lured me towards it time and again, from the summery colorful women kurti & long skirts , from the oh-so-hyped anarkali to the sarees in rich vibrant colors.
They bring a fresh change to the usual western wear dressing. The eternal question comes back again is how do create a basic wardrobe for ethnic wear.

But before brief on 5 wardrobe staples for ethnic wear fashion , these tiny little monstrous questions might be jumping in your head. So read on.

Why – Because it’s a fresh twist from the same old fashion

When – Wear it to Work | Evening out | Festivals | Weddings

1) Kurti The prime ingredient of any ethnic wear fashion fix starts with purchase of colorful Kurti. You can buy different kind of Ethnic Kurti depending on the following criteria to create a big collection

   Style – A line, Straight cut
   Length – Long , knee-length , short length
   Sleeves – Full Sleeves, 3/4th Sleeve , Half sleeve, Cap Sleeves , sleeveless

2) Salwar Suit – Once the separates are sorted, we can now move on to buy few classic salwar suit sets. They come handy when you have to attend a friend’s engagement or a religious ceremony or a Diwali party. If you haven’t bought one yet , then you are reading the right blog.

   Salwar suits can be bought on the basis of following criteria -
   Style – Anarkali , Straight cut with churidar , short kurta style with patiala , angarkha
   Fabric – Cotton, silk, chiffon, Georgette

3) Saree – Before we start making big purchases on these fineries, I would suggest to go for one golden       blouse, one black blouse and one off-white blouse. These 3 are neutral colors and typically gel with all sarees. Since color blocking is still a big trend, you can then experiment with various contrasting colors or maybe go with a light-dark monochromatic scheme.

4) Skirts - Long  ethnic skirts seem to be the flavor of Indian fashion industry now. It’s a middle route for     those who don’t want to dress in a western outfit and yet look stylish.Various Fashion brands have now been introducing long skirts as a fashion must have in their  spring summer 2014 range.

5) Stylish Dress - Japanese style has long been admired for its grace and artistry. Add to that a sense of      fun, and you have the "Stylish Dress."
Complete with stunning full-color patterns for 26 relaxed and comfortable yet elegant dresses and tops--pretty, timeless pieces that can be worn year after year, by women of all ages and sizes.
The no-rules looks  are perfect for today's carefree fashion sensibility and will inspire you to have fun with fabric and style.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Saree Festival : The endless zephyr of beauty

A classical cloth, highly developed, ravenously in fashion circles reception, reinterpretation, and yet, very much a part of our everyday lives, the Saree is the life breath of India.. The most wondrous Festival saree, the amoebic pahnawa, traditions are kept alive with movement, of which the warp and weft to create a tribute to the ongoing attempts.

The festival presents an exposition of Sarees created in diverse media and styles, using diverse techniques and artistic vocabularies. Platforms which foreground the Saree tend to focus on either one of its styles: traditional, or contemporary. Various Saree exhibitions and showings signal an engagement with the vast diversity of traditional Sarees created by weavers from different parts of India, also featuring interventions in this genre by contemporary designers. Much in contrast to this “traditional” approach, at the other end of the Saree spectrum is the reinterpretations of the Saree at a structural /formal level by contemporary designers trained in the discipline of fashion. A third stream of the Saree universe brings us to a new idiom – a language of digital print and graphics. This vocabulary is all pervasive, in its grand sweep from the big daddies of fashion to the street side Saree shops working with a mass produced industrial aesthetic.

The Saree Festival attempts to be this unalloyed, all pervasive love affair with the drape, in bringing together the vast richness of styles, materials, traditions, techniques, experiments, vocabularies, sensibilities, that can all achieve fruition under the never ending swirl of the Saree. 
We do not want just this or just that, if it is the Saree, we want it all, to experience the magical transformation of the Saree, in all its mind boggling avatars.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Amazing Offer on the occasion of this Festival

Mesmerizing is the word that defines the smooth, subtle transition of shades. Embrace the latest awesome trend in women’s Kurtis and suits. On the occasion of this upcoming festival seasoned we gives up 40% discount
Ethnic Wear  .

                   Choose the traditional trend in the awesome where the darker shade of your kurtis starts at the border and lightens as you move away from the border. Traditional awesome is more in trend than the reverse trend which is perceived as an experimental and casual trend. The latter with lighter shades are used on borders and transitions in the darker shades as it moves up. This trend is more suitable to dressing for parties than formal occasions.

                                                             Among the awesome, you’ve got the choicest of options to choose, from more refined transition like green-parrot, Women's Ethnic Wear to bright transition like purple-white and red-white. This festive season, go glam the awesome way. You may like to go for awesome nail-art and give awesome touch to hair as well to compliment your Kurtis and get that sartorial look.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Womens Ethnic Wear

The fact that everyone is aware of, “The ladies always want to keep their wardrobes full of clothes- in trend of course and which catch everyone’s eyes very easily”. If you have the same dream for you or for anyone you wish to, you are on the right place. Yes, we have got the collection of In Trend  KURTIS & DUPATTAS from ERATO to which any lady would love to wear and of course in an affordable price. 

Please have a look
We wish our collection makes you feel confident, suits you personality and win the hearts of many more consumers.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Flat 68%

On the Occassion of 68th Independence day get 68% off on every product.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kitchen Appliances


The Road to a Health Runs through the Kitchen. Yes, dear customer in order to make your health, your kitchen should be at its healthiest and your kitchen is healthy when it have good cook wares. We have brought the utensils only for your Kitchen from SAPPHIRE include Kitchen appliances that have the best Quality as well as best Pricing. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Indiamystyle provides a variety of Garments : Ethnic Wear, Focus on Handloom Garments; Men, Women & kids wear; best Indian ethnic style wear; shaping Indian styles; Hand made garments, diversity of Indian Style in one market place. The colours that we select to wear speak a lot about our personalities. the colour green can encourage growth, the colour blue can stimulate communication and the colour yellow can make us feel strong, bright and cheery. Fill your life with the bright colours this time with the different garments of ERATO to give you the real comfort your body wants from your clothing and stay happy.

Kids are never satisfied with their clothes. So just go on and shop for the best style that suits your kid.

We give you a collection of different clothing styles for men from ERATO. Men always wan’t to wear clothes that suit their style as well as make them feel proud of themselves. So, don’t worry and go for our collections only for you.
1. Kurtas, Pyjamas, Sherwanies
2. Shirts
3. T-Shirts

The fact that everyone is aware of, “The ladies always want to keep their wardrobes full of clothes- in trend ofcourse and which catch everyone’s eyes very easily”. If you have the same dream for you or for anyone you wish to, you are on the right place. Yes, we have got the collection of In Trend  KURTIES & DUPATTAS fro ERATO to which any lady would love to wear and of course in an affordable price. Please have a look:

We wish our collection makes you feel confident, suits you personality and win the hearts of many more consumers.

Friday, 8 August 2014 has a unique place in the Apparel world. Contained by no boundaries, it is as equally comfortable with delicate traditional designs, as it is with its modern interpretations. Criss- crossing old with new is integral to Erato Â’s design strength. Fusing all and every design influence seamlessly into one item gives Erato its uniqueness. Everything internal and external is inspiration.

Health related Products

Health Product are also available Now

As we start looking towards the health related products, number of questions start surrounding our mind like whether the medicine we are going to take will really help you or not ? If it will give any side effects ? So, our dear customers do not worry about all these questions because we have brought the best health products from a brand named SAMI- World leader in health products.
We, Indiamystyle provide you the solutions of your different health related problems at one single platform.

The different products include:

1. COQ ENERGIZER - an effective energy supplement that boost your energy.

2. BIOPROTECTANT - an antioxidant health supplement that protects cells.


4. FAIRNESS CREAM - with multiple UV benefits, is a light non- greasy cream, with a unique blossom.

5. GLYCACARE - Blood Sugar Balance GlycaCare™ is a unique composition containing herbal extracts.

6. IGG PLUS - The pre milk substance produced by most mammalian mothers immediately after the birth of their babies.

7. LEANGARD - A supplement that manages your weight.

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